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Northland Youth Theatre Pledge

Have you been to a Northland Youth Theatre Performance?  Would you like the chance to goto a Northland Youth Theatre Performace?

In February 2013 the Northland Youth Theatre are putting on a show called the Odyssey, it is based at the Quarry Arts Centre, 21 Selwyn Ave in Whangarei.

There will be shipwrecks, prophecies, battles, muses, feasting, bicycles, and BBQs!

Hobbit in Whangarei for Project Promise

The Rotary Club of Whangarei South, have organised the first evening screening of the Hobbit, in Whangarei, with proceeds going to benefit Project Promise.  All tickets can be purchased from the Whangarei BNZ Bank on the corner of Bank Street and Rust Ave.

It will be loads of fun, but you will need to be in quick as tickets are selling VERY fast, there are only 200 tickets.

Cartoon - Land Sales in Whangarei

This cartoon, drawn by Steve Pike, talks about the rising debt that the Whangarei District Council has ($161 million), and was drawn just after the submissions to the Council’s Draft Long Term Plan and Budget in May.

There are some question over the way the Whangarei District Council plans to fund the increasing debt and that was brought up in many of the submissions.  However this cartoon shows the CEO, Mark Simpson, thinking outside the box to the selling of council land, as was proposed in the Draft Long Term Plan.

Cartoon - Mayor and consultation

This Cartoon, drawn by Steve Pike, was completed in May 2012.  It was not long drawn after the Whangarei District Council Mayor, who when elected was all keen for freedom of speach, but within the April 2012 Full Council meeting he made the comments that if there is any disturbance from the gallery they would be escorted out.

Steve has a very interesting way of capturing the Mayor's persona, along with the responses from the public.

Cartoon - Mander Park Trees

This Cartoon, Drawn by Steve Pike, was drawn on the 4th of May 2012.  Not long after a large section of Mander Park Trees in Whangarei were cut down.  The Trees that were cut down, some had been in that park for over 100 years, and some were natives to New Zealand, but NZTA wanted this section of the park for a left hand turn lane.

His Cartoon this time points out how, as New Zealanders, we are ok with some progress but not all progress.  It also highlights the importance of heritage to Northland culture.