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Variety Fundraising Concert 7th November 2010

Absolutely amazing people all coming together to preform a Variety Concert to raise funds for the Old Library.  There will also be an auction and refreshments. 

The Friends Of the Old Library Society (Fools) has plans to bring the building back to its original form, and preserve the historic nature of the building.

Come along and enjoy your afternoon.


Whangarei e-day 6th November 2010

On the 6th of November 2010, Whangarei is collecting all your unwanted, damaged and faulty electronic items that have been hiding in the corners of your houses and offices.

Items they are collecting include are any old computer hardware such as; monitors, networing equipment, scnners, keyboards, mice, speakers, laptops, printers, game consoles, toners, mobile phones, fax machines, digital cameras...

Old NRC Building at the Town Basin

Interesting survey that was completed over the past four weeks, it showed that the peoples choice is to turn the Old NRC building at the town basin into a hotel or something like that.

The final results were; 33% out of the 63 votes want it turned into a hotel; 17% wanted it turned into something else; 16% wanted it turned into a Hundertwasser; surprising 22% wanted the building ripped down with half wanting it to be parking and the other half wanted it to be green space; 10% wanted it turned into an Art Museum; 2% wanted it preserved as a historic building.

Community Meeting about State Highway 18th October 2010

At 7pm on Monday night at the Morrison Hall, next to the RSA, a group of residence were called together to talk about the State Highway improvements and the effects these improvements would have on them.

The meeting was called by the WDC and headed by Jeff Devine, and there were three councillors present, Cr. Merv Williams, Cr. Brian McLachlan and soon to be Cr. Aaron Edwards.  Approx 34 people from the community came to listen, and find out more, but an air of distrust seemed to in the room last night, as the more Jeff talked the more frustrated the people got.

2010 Westpac Northland Business Excellence Awards

On the 16th of October 2010, The 2010 Westpac Northland Business Excellence Awards were held at the Northland Event Centre (Toll Stadium).

The night was filled with many surprises, with many hopefuls waiting to get an award.  Even I won the best dressed Award for the men and Shirley Weimer won it for the women.

The following is a list of the awards and who won them:

Business Coaching New Zealand - Best Emerging Business Award.

Highly Commended - Pear Tree Restaurant and Bar & Elevate CA

Winner - Smart Energy Solutions


Young Enterprise Scheme Awards 2010

On the 14th of October 2010, on the third level of the Toll Stadium in Whangarei, the Young Enterprise Scheme Awards (YES) was held.

There was a great turnout of parents, teachers and young people, with Special thanks given to Top Energy for sponsoring the event.

To get to this point for all the students there has been allot of work and money making, this is really just the icing on the cake for many of them, and they all have achieved allot to be a finalist.

Multi-Motor sport Complex

Is Whangarei ready for such a thing?  Does Whangarei know how to look after a complex like this?

Over the years, I have listened to many of the people in area of sporting codes, with their concerns how they have to travel such a long distance to do meets and how Northland has the best motor sport people up here, but we have very little areas for them to train.