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Debt or Not to Debt?

This is an age-old question that every Council, and homeowner goes through every year, either when they are looking at their mortgage payments or looking at new investments or even considering a long-term plan.

Roads, are they for Pedestrians or Vehicles?

Roads, are they for Pedestrians or Vehicles?

Not many years back, you could say that roads were generally created for vehicles, and further back you could say for horses.  Todays urban designers are going right back to the basics and saying roads are there to get you from one place to another, and it doesn’t matter what mode you use, horse, foot or wheels!  The question is, can all these co-exist in the same spaces?

So, let us look at good Urban design.

6 March 2020 - Is it the time for Rates Increases?

On the 30th of March all the Okara Ward Councillors, for the Whangarei District Council, agreed that something had to be done to support the community that they represent.  So, they presented to the Mayor and CE 4 points to help with the recovery after the COVID 19 virus.

The four points covered the most essential taxing aspects of Council, and they were:

1/ For the 20/21 rating year, a 0% increase on rates

15th May - Plea for security cameras squashed

On the 9th of May the Whangarei District Councillor, decided on what needed to be included within the 2019/20 Annual Plan.  An additional motion was moved by Cr. Vince Cocurullo that $50k be added to the well needed CCTV camera budget, after a request coming from one of the ratepayers during submissions and after checking information with Whangarei’s CitySafe team and the local businesses, yet the Mayor and some councillors did not feel it was needed.

Whangarei's FIFA Feat

I’m not a footballer by any means, yet it is almost the last event in Whangarei for the under 20 FIFA tournament, and now is a chance to reflect and ask what has happened since a FIFA game was first played here on May 30 – and a FIFA scandal shocked the world.