A number of issues need to be resolved if Whāngārei District is to become a more vibrant and prosperous place for everyone to live and work.

A vision for the district in 30/50 years is just as important – as it is for the next 10 years – Therefore, our Community being supported by strong team of councillors with a willingness to listen to the needs of residents, is paramount to delivering a progressive and caring future for all.

Go-Whangarei's vision is that of Whangarei District being a thriving hub for Northland. The vision includes a new-look Council where every councillor works together with a common goal. Council staff will be left to do what they do best – the everyday business of Council, listening, participating and facilitating a clear and positive voice for all.

Strong governance and clear information is needed to enable collective decision-making – wherein the community, ratepayers and residents have the opportunity to be involved – and logical, practical and realistic solutions to issues can be found.

Key infrastructure – power, transport, telecommunications network capabilities, environment, youth, and accessibility for all – are ongoing issue for all Northlanders. Go-Whangarei believe the District Council should work together with other local and central government agencies to ensure the best results for our district.

Go-Whangarei means you want to see:

  • Rates produced by the Whangerei District Council not increasing
  • Free Parking within Whangarei
  • Cheaper Rubbish Collection and more rural collection points
  • More Community funding
  • The Removing of Red Tape within Council


For more on the issues, check out the online polls and forum/blog and have your say.