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Cartoon - Mayor and consultation

This Cartoon, drawn by Steve Pike, was completed in May 2012.  It was not long drawn after the Whangarei District Council Mayor, who when elected was all keen for freedom of speach, but within the April 2012 Full Council meeting he made the comments that if there is any disturbance from the gallery they would be escorted out.

Steve has a very interesting way of capturing the Mayor's persona, along with the responses from the public.

Cartoon - Mander Park Trees

This Cartoon, Drawn by Steve Pike, was drawn on the 4th of May 2012.  Not long after a large section of Mander Park Trees in Whangarei were cut down.  The Trees that were cut down, some had been in that park for over 100 years, and some were natives to New Zealand, but NZTA wanted this section of the park for a left hand turn lane.

His Cartoon this time points out how, as New Zealanders, we are ok with some progress but not all progress.  It also highlights the importance of heritage to Northland culture.

Cartoon - Bridges in Whangarei

This Cartoon, drawn by Steve Pike, is talking about the many bridges in Whangarei, and how our Council keeps making more bridges.  The Bridge in question being constructed is the bridge connecting Riverside Drive with Port Road (Pohe Island with Okara Park), this bridge is planned to be completed by the year 2013.

Project Promise reaches $1m dollars

Project Promise reaches $1 million dollars

This is an article that was placed in the Northern Advocate on the 21st of April 2012.  We should be very proud of our community, it is believed that there is still money being counted, as the Northland BNZ Banks are allowing the public to buy $1000 bricks for the new Oncology unit based in Whangarei.

Project Promise Corporate Challenge 11th November 2011

The Project Promise Corporate Challenge was a huge success, with raising approx $5,110.00.

The winners on the night were:

Highest Score                 - Wild Haggis

Second Score                 - ASAP Couriers (Whangarei District Council)

Best Dressed                  - Henderson Reeves Fairies

Lowest Score                 - Rosvall Rams (ITM)

Northland Needs Cancer Treatments

Last week I was approached by someone in a shop, they were angry that there was no radiation therapy treatment in Northland, and she had to travel.  In fact that the closest place for any Cancer treatment is Auckland, Hamilton and then Tauranga.

It got me thinking, here I am presently trying to raise money for Project Promise, so that the Northland Community Foundation can start building a larger Oncology unit here in Whangarei to look after Northland, yet where is the support from the local Politicians.

Ruakaka Races 23rd July 2011

Saturday 23rd July
“A Day at the Races” – at Ruakaka Race Course.

Last year this Project Promise event was a great success which raised over $27,000. This year it will be even bigger and better! Entry is free but there will be plenty of bucket collectors to take your donations to Project Promise throughout the day.
A “hoedown” Ploughman’s themed lunch will be available – tickets cost $25 from Judy Knight 09 436 1334. Fancy dress optional!