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Party Central for RWC

It has been 4 weeks since I started the survey, and 96 votes were recorded.

The results show: 47% for the Town basin, 27% for the CBD of Whangarei, 14% for Toll Stadium, 9% for Marsden Cove Ruakaka, and 3% for Forum North.

The results are only indicative due to only 96 votes were recorded, but what they do show is that having a party central location in Whangarei for the Rugby World Cup, is a topic that has created very hot controversy.

Putting Whangarei First

An email that I have received asks about the slogan that I used... "Putting Whangarei First"

Just to clarifiy "Whangarei" of Putting Whangarei First is refering to the whole District, the people, the community, the iwi, the businesses, and the farmers, not just the city.

It is time for us the district to be proud of who we are.  We are a community, a people that work together when times are tough, and we support each other, just like at christmas time or at a rugby game when Northland is winning.

Unitary Authority

When this was first mentioned, I was very interested.  There were many things to go through, and as a WDC we were having loads of issues with the NRC.

On investigations, I can say that our government will want this to happen in the long run, but they have clearly stated that they are not interested until Auckland is completely sorted.  How long will Auckland take to be done?  Well that is still yet to be decided.

Bridge or no bridge

After 4 weeks, 79 people voted on if they would spend $34 million on another bridge to cross the harbour of Whangarei. 76% voted against spending $34 million.

There has been various comments made on Facebook, so I thought I'd summaries some of the facts and get some comments back from you on them.

1/ The proposed additional Harbour crossing is planned to go across the harbour from Pohe Island to Port Road.

Civic Honours for Whangarei 2010

On the 26th of August, the Whangarei District Council announced the latest group of people amongst the community to be awarded Civic Honours.

The List includes:

Archie Dixon

Viv and David Dobson

Ray Palmer

Yvonne Stewart

Each one of these people had showed, and are still showing great works throughout the community.  Their dedication and commitment to the community is just amazing.

Congratulations to you all.

Proposed Liquor Licensing Policy - Review of Submissions 18th August 2010

This was an extra-ordinary Council meeting, orginally planned for the 28th of July at 1pm.  This meeting was postponed as the councillors felt that more consideration was needed before a decision could be made.  Also the recommendations put to council be the staff, none of the Councillors could agree on.

Application to widen State Highway.

The New Zealand Transport Agency, has put an application into the Whangarei District Council to widen the State Highway from Selwyn Ave to Wilson Ave, including the alteration of Mander Park.

This must go through a public submission process, as Mander Park is an area given to the people of Whangarei.

If you want to be heard goto the Whangarei District Council to pick up a submission form, and post in or email your submission back to Council.  Submissions close on the 10th September 2010.

Project Promise Fund Raiser - Chieftan Boat Trip

Project Promise is a major Whangarei/Northland fundraiser.

The project to build an Oncology Facility in Whangarei has been negotiated between the Northland District Health Board (NDHB) and Northland Community Foundation (NCF).

Northland Community Foundation will, through community fundraising, raise funds for the building of the Oncology facility which will primarily be an ambulatory facility for the delivery of chemotherapy treatment and multi-disciplinary outpatient consultations.