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Voters Survey Completed in April 2010

A survey of over 400 voters, completed by Cr MacLachlan highlights some rather interesting facts.

Firstly, if the public were to choose between; another harbour crossing, Spill free sewerage system and improving city traffic flows, the order of importance would be...

1/ Spill Free Sewerage System (being the most important)

2/ Improved City Traffic Flows

3/ Harbour Crossing (being least important)

1st day of Annual Plan Submissions WDC

The 12th of May 2010 is the start of Annual Plan Submissions for the Whangarei District Council; with approximately 21 submitters today, many held a similar tone.

There were some who implied that Council was not listening to the public or to the people, and others that stated of their wish lists or their wish not lists, with the Whangarei's fourth harbour crossing seeming to come up from time to time.

Zelka Grammer representing "GE Free Northland” praised both the Councillors and the Council staff for their reinforced stance on a GE Free Northland.