Voters Survey Completed in April 2010

A survey of over 400 voters, completed by Cr MacLachlan highlights some rather interesting facts.

Firstly, if the public were to choose between; another harbour crossing, Spill free sewerage system and improving city traffic flows, the order of importance would be...

1/ Spill Free Sewerage System (being the most important)

2/ Improved City Traffic Flows

3/ Harbour Crossing (being least important)

Secondly, that only 27% of the surveyed voters what the existing WDC and NRC structure changed.  So that says people want what we have already got?  Unfortunately the survey does not cover if the voters want the existing structure kept the same just modified for better interaction.

These are very interesting results, and I congratulate Cr. MacLachlan in organising the survey.  Even though surveys are not fool proof, they are a very good indicator as to what the public of Whangarei are wanting.

If you are wanting a copy of this survey or interested in knowing more, contact me.