2nd day of Annual Plan Submissions WDC

Day 2 of the Annual Plan Submissions for the WDC.

Another good range of 15 people came into Council, but today there seemed to be an overtone of concern over the Rate increases, or more to the point increase in the land value which concerned most of the commercial and industrial property owners.

Jack McClardy of Dockland 5, showed how his property land value was still valued within the council system at approx 1 million dollars, and yet QV had now valued it at over 2 million dollars, which then compounded his new rates on his property to an increase of over 60%.

The Mayor sympathised with each of these submitters, by saying he too was in the same boat.

The Northland Chamber of Commerce provided two submissions today, with Tony Collins the CEO and David Moss from Vitalise Whangarei.  Both submitters highlighted the importance of a protecting Whangarei's CBD, recreating an entrance way into the City, and improving parking within the CBD.

James Blackburn also made a submission; this is member of the public who is working as a civil engineer.  He pulled aspects out of his submission and highlighted how the WDC was putting a harbour crossing ahead of key infrastructure.

The other submitters today included Water safety and fire lighting education, and groups asking for funds for their projects.

But the most important thing for all the submitters is that I was listening, and change is in the air.