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July 29 - Rates Rebates Available

WDC Rates Notice Invoice example.

Right now, you should be receiving your new annual rates invoice from your favourite Council. Most of you will be asking “How much is it?!”  

If you have older family members who have their own home, it’s important they are aware of the new rates rebates they could be eligible for.

WDC Is Enforcing Social Polarisation

Dollar rubbish

Our local council is in the process of removing the poor from this district.  “What?!” you say…

Apparently, the working class part of the community does not matter to the majority of Whangarei Councillors.  The Whangarei District Council, like the Auckland Council, are planning to enforce a 9% increase in the rates.  Along with the increase by the Northland Regional Council, this will bring some increases of rates to 15%.