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April 5 - Electric and Green: What Will It Mean?

On Thursday April 7, the ‘Leading the Charge 2016’ electric car road train will meet on Whangarei’s Victoria Canopy Bridge, bringing ‘Who Killed The Electric Car’ documentary maker Chelsea Sexton as part of a road trip from Cape Reinga to Hamilton. It’s the perfect time to meet EV enthusiasts, sit in a Tesla and maybe even take one for a test drive.

March 29 - Nark On Mates For Rates

Whangarei District Council wants you to tell tales on your neighbours.

If you know a neighbour who is renting out a house or separate dwelling on their property you are to inform the council. The mayor and council called for this during a public meeting with business owners last year. Why?   

March 7 - Our Province’s Problem with Privacy

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Somewhere in this country, the Privacy Commissioner is coming on March 11 to intervene. The local council is breaching people’s privacy and abusing members of the public in internal correspondence.

The place: Whangarei.

The Human Rights Review Tribunal last month found Whangarei District Council breached a man’s privacy and awarded Wayne Deeming $2000 for humiliation, loss of dignity and injury to feelings.