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April 4 - Rates Review


Whangarei District Council (WDC) is about to go through the process of a Rating Review. The Review will look at how our rates are calculated, and what we are being charged for items such as refuse management, water supply, sewage disposal, and so on.

March 27 - Volunteer to help Whangarei's Treasures Triumph

The Quarry Art Centre, the Quarry Gardens, Reyburn House Art Gallery, Kiwi North (Maunu) Museum, Claphams Clocks – they’re all local treasures.  They hold our history, our local culture, and add to Whangarei’s interest as a tourist destination. The problem is that each of these marvellous institutions is currently struggling for lack of support.

March 7 - Prioritising a new council building over sealing a dangerous road?

Our mayor and some Councillors appear intent on paying for a non-urgent building, while failing to initiate urgent repairs on a desperately dangerous road.


At the Whangarei District Council meeting of 23 February the mayor apologised to public spectators for the acoustics of the building and said she hoped to have it sorted soon.

Feb 20 - SH1 Improvements Could Change Otaika Shops

The NZTA have engaged in major works over the last few years to facilitate traffic flow to and from Northland. These improvements have included massive safety changes to major intersections and the widening of thoroughfares.

The schedule of work in Whangarei includes removing the right turn at Tarewa Road, potential changes to the Otaika shopping area, including the possible loss of car-parking there.

October 10 - A Warm Thank You From Vince

Thank you and congratulations to all those who put their hands up to be a part of the local body elections this year.  It was really great to see so many people passionate about our district's growth and wellbeing represented.

Kaipara District Council once again has a Mayor, Whangarei and Far North have recycled theirs. Big congratulations to all of the mayors for achieving that role.