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October 21 - Why Must Councils Have So Much Property?


Northland’s councils own large areas of land – but why should they?

Is it greed, or is it because they don't know the future and are trying to be risk-averse?
Historically, the reason councils owned land was to help smaller businesses to get better established and then to find better locations for them. Today, when a council offers a 25 year lease now on a property, is that good property management, or are councils solely looking at their back pocket?

Sept 23 - Free To Be Fluoride-Free

Should we allow our public water supplies to be dosed with fluoride? After 15 years, the debate over this continues.

Personally, I can’t understand why anybody would want their drinking water contaminated with a substance that will not make any health related benefit to them, yet we have the Northland DHB and the central government doing just that.