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June 7 – Good councillors curb crime

Yes Northland is very lucky to have flights to and from Whangarei every day, but the welcoming may not be that warm for some.

Over the long weekend there were several cars broken into at Whangarei Airport.  Many questions are raised in my mind – what safety measures are being put in place there? Is there regular policing or patrolling of this area?

In my view here are some options that might address this issue:

May 31 - Who gets the credit for what councillors achieve?

Don’t you love watching people take credit for other people's work? When I was on Council, this used to happen a lot and still happens today, with councillors, mayors and politicians saying how great they are with all the projects that they have been doing.  Yet everyone forgets about when the project was put on the books and how much effort was needed to get it there.

May 25 - How's your speed?

A paper came across my desk recently. In the paper, it said NZTA is talking about installing speed cameras in Northland. Is this due to the fact that Northlanders speed excessively or is it just more revenue gathering by NZTA?

April 27 - Our District's Debt


We have all heard that our Council has too much debt, or does it?  What about that so called internal Debt?  Who is the LFGA? How much does Council owe them?

In June 2015 the Whangarei District Council had total internal borrowings of just under $51m. The WDC reported $36.5m in internal debt in February this year (2016).  This sounds like a lot of money, and it is, but is there any interest being charged?

April 20 - The Traffic Trap


Have you ever watched cars drive through red lights only to then be stuck in the middle of the road?  Or how about watching the lights do three changes before you get to go through? This is only part of what congestion means on Whangarei’s traffic network.