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Dec 8 – The Best Person For The Job

Northland has the same cross-section of government departments as all our other regions. There’s the education sector, health, transport, and local government. They deal with employee comings and goings every day, and in doing so, must follow the State Sector Act. I’m sure we all agree the best person should fit a job, meaning problems occur when people in power have just one person in mind for a job.

Dec 4 - The Tender Topic of Tendering

Isn’t it great when our local and regional councils fully support and hire locals to do jobs for them?  At times you could say there's a bit of an Old Boys club going on, but that’s what happens when you have a population of 160,000 across our entire region. Most of our people either know or are related to one another.

Nov 25 - Are We Too Lax On Lotto?




Lotto is gambling. There’s no other word for it.

Four out of every five adult New Zealanders gamble, and one in five gamble weekly or more, according to the Problem Gambling Foundation. Lotto, raffles, and Instant Kiwi are the most common forms, with Lotto played by over half of adult Kiwis at least once a year