July 22 - Ruakaka Races Ahead

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Ruakaka is an amazing little suburb of Whangarei.  Yes, I said suburb. Whangarei is not just the City of Whangarei and the area of where most of the population is concentrated.

Admittedly, when I do go to the races, I’m not really betting. The money I put down is really more of a donation, as I really cannot tell the difference between a good horse and a bad horse.  The races, for me, are a place where I see people dressing up, and I love the atmosphere that is created by all the people who attend.

There is a lot of negativity that is created around race courses, however when you look at the amount of people who attend from all over the Pacific region and come to Ruakaka Racing and stay at Ruakaka, the industry and culture of horse racing is impressive. Of course people are drawn to Ruakaka - we have one of the best race courses in New Zealand. Considering our outstanding facilities and trainers, overseas investors more and more want their horses trained at Ruakaka.

So what does that mean for Ruakaka, and ultimately Northland?

Back in 2013 a project was marked to happen at the racecourse, a project that would change the way the Ruakaka race course would look. This project has made it to Council, and made it through the plan change process to the Environmental Court. They are now waiting on the Judge to respond, and discussions that have been had with Council staff – so it is looking like a green light.

It looks like Ruakaka will be keeping its race course and there will be big expansions on the way. I’m looking forward to seeing Whangarei grow; however at times patience is needed, for as they say, “Good things take time to develop, but when they are accomplished, they are considered great accomplishments” (Emanuel Sebastiao)