Ever wondered why they put Northland at the top?


Life is cheap in Whangarei – no, not like that! What I mean is Whangarei suffers less inflation and overpriced goods than the rest of the country. We benefit from trees heavy with fruit, fewer heating costs due to our warm climate, and plenty of houses under $300,000.

The cost of fuel is a big factor up here. A new survey by Canstar Blue shows the price of fuel impacts the life of half of New Zealanders. Canstar’s Jose George said the survey describes drivers limiting their comfort to lessen the financial effects of pricey fuel, with 45% reducing their use of the car air conditioner to save some cash. This isn’t something affecting Northlanders much – public transport, motorbikes and scooters are some of the remedies Aucklanders and Wellingtonians have been considering to offset the burden of overpriced petrol.

Aucklanders will travel an average of 13.3km for cheap fuel, while on average Wellingtonians would travel 8.7km, the survey found. Many won’t fill up without a fuel discount voucher.

The cost of commuting into work causes grief for 44% of Aucklanders and 38% of Bay of Plenty folk.

We know things aren’t overinflated in Whangarei. Petrol is sometimes 35 cents per litre cheaper than other centres, and at the start of the year, petrol prices were the lowest in four years.  Our region gives our country kumara, kiwifruit, timber, petroleum and diesel and tourism – maybe that’s why they put Northland at the top.