August 26 Fashionable Whangarei – the Bernina Northland Fashion Awards

Bernina Northland Fashion Awards

Last Friday evening, Bernina and the Rotary Club of Whangarei South put on an amazing display of lights, glamour and entertainment at Forum North, a forerunner to NZ Fashion Week (August 24-30.)

This year, judges Hayley Clark, Sarah Vincent and Sidney Quintal remarked upon the very talented designers we have in Northland.  They were impressed to see the creativity expressed on the night.  From women’s evening gowns to outfits made out of can tops through to outfits made out of rubbish bags or shotgun shells, our corner of the country showed off its ingenuity. You can catch photos of the event on the show’s Facebook page.

What goes through to the mind of a designer who spends hours upon hours coming up with an award-winning creation? Sometimes it’s driven by a designer showing the world who they actually are, sometimes it’s driven by showing the world who they want to be. Pushing the boundaries is another motivator. Our creative people want to show how far they can truly go.

This year the design the show was revamped by Daniel Matene, a former judge, young designer and owner of label &Co. The Villa Hairdressing stylist had the models dancing behind white screens then strutting down the catwalk. These were ultra-modern twists on the standard show format. The lighting (Venue and Events) and audio (Soundcave) guys worked with Daniel to produce a highly polished night.

A very special mention needs to be made to all of the sponsors, volunteers and helpers on the night. They include Bernina, The Rotary Club of Whangarei South, Creative Communities NZ, More FM, Henderson Reeves, Northland Document Solutions Limited, Arthurs Emporium, People Potential, Steve Haywood, Sarah Marshall, Mint Florists, Venue & Events Whangarei, Channel North, Red Pizzeria, Afare, Shiraz, Wildside Bar and Grill, Absolute Caterers, Batercard, Unichem and Ecosse – not to mention Yours Truly.  Without all of these people putting in a helping hand, this event could not have been completed.

Proceeds went to the Red Nose Appeal, with Cure Kids, just one of the many organisations that the Rotary Club of Whangarei South look out for.