July 29 - Rates Rebates Available

WDC Rates Notice Invoice example.

Right now, you should be receiving your new annual rates invoice from your favourite Council. Most of you will be asking “How much is it?!”  

If you have older family members who have their own home, it’s important they are aware of the new rates rebates they could be eligible for.

Let’s admit it: the pension doesn’t pay a lot, in fact in most cases it pays less than $300 per week for a typical married person.  Those on a pension could be eligible for a rate rebate of up to $610 with the Whangarei District Council, which has just increased its maximum rebate for 2015/16. The new income threshold for a rebate is $24,440, or around $470 per week.

It is very important our older people take advantage of the rate rebate offered, because Northland is an amazing place to live and we need the older members of our community to be looked after. If you or they are unsure about how to apply for the rebate, now is the time to give your council staff a call.

Rates invoices are hard to take at the best of times, especially when Councils say the reason for the increases are because you want more things happening in your region, however I encourage everyone to take advantage of the offers that are out there, especially if they are owed to you. 

For those of us who are unable to take advantage of the rate rebate, all Councils today do rates payment plans. Sometimes a small amount every week is a lot easier to swallow.

If you have any questions about the rebate scheme or need help, simply contact the Whangarei District Council on 094304200, Kaipara District Council on 0800 727 059 or Far District Council on 0800 920 029