10th June 2019 - Is Whangarei District Council being disadvantaged?

A couple of weeks ago, the Councils in the North were informed by NZTA that they were forced remove budgeted funding from Northland, and closer investigation has pointed that approximately $12m will be removed from the Whangarei District Council’s budget for projects that they have planned for next year, which were reliant on NZTA funding.

With most roading projects within Whangarei, NZTA does provide some funding, typically it is between 20 – 60 cents out of every dollar that is spent on the project.  The amount of funding provided by NZTA depends on what the project is and what criteria the project can meet of NZTA’s.

Four projects that are at risk of being pulled at the moment from next years projects within the Whangarei District Council, are the following: Maunu Road/Central Ave/Water Street intersection upgrade, the Robert Street / Walton Street intersection upgrade, the Springs Flat Roundabout and some of the Kamo Cycleway projects (next stage).

Cr. Cocurullo, Christie and Halse along with many other Whangarei Councillors feel “that it is very disappointing that Central Government is picking on Whangarei again, a district that has been trying to look after itself, and now has roads and roading networks that are in desire need for repair or replacement being unfunded.”  It is believed that the money is being pulled from Whangarei and then spent in Auckland, NZTA at this point will not comment.