Media Release - Whangarei Parking - 23rd September 2013

Whangarei parking issues

Stopping and shopping in Whangarei is a bone of contention for many.

Mayoral Candidate Vince Cocurullo wants to change the way Council runs the carparking within the Whangarei CBD. 

Vince believes that we can do this by offering 2 hours free parking on the street and free all day parking with proof of purchase in Council-owned carparks. “Why not utilise our designated off-street parking areas, like at Forum North where the customer can show evidence that they have bought something from town that is over $40 and the parking is free for that day?”

Vince thinks the free 2-hours on the streets will make parking easier. “It will be easier for service vehicles needing to get in and around the city to do work and allow shoppers to feel less pressured about their time when they shop.

“The Parking meters are also old and out of date and many seem to be continually out of order or in need of repair”, says Vince. “It’s inconvenient to have to hunt around for a ticket dispensing machine that works, and if none are working it causes worry for shoppers about getting a ticket. Our council needs to come into the 21st Century when it comes to technology and servicing the parking areas.”

He suggests Council needs to get away from just fining people or using the parking as a revenue gathering source. “I’d like to change how people view their parking fines too,” says Vince. “As an alternative to just paying the fine, we could provide an option for people who get a parking ticket of $10 to $20 dollars to put it towards a charity instead. For example they could purchase a soft toy worth the same value from Council, which Council can then donate to kids in hospital.” 

Parking may seem like a small thing compared to other issues, but that doesn’t make it any less important. I have been listening to Whangarei’s residents and they want things to change – big and small things. As your Mayor I will make sure that the needs of the people of Whangarei come first.  Choose Whangarei First and start the change for the future of Whangarei.


Vince  Cocurullo

Whangarei Mayoral Candidate 2013

Phone: 09 4388834