Media Release - Whangarei Needs Work - 21st August 2013

Whangarei needs work!

The level of unemployment here in Northland is a serious issue within the economic landscape of New Zealand, and the statisticians have no solutions to offer for the problematic numbers they crunch.

Although the cry among the unemployed is for more jobs, what’s needed is not a mere case of drumming up work for people who need it, says Mayoral Candidate Vince Cocurullo. “You can’t simply pass around a hat and squeeze job vacancies out of the businesses here, when many of the businesses are under enormous financial pressure.”

“Our focus should instead be on restoring that business confidence to a level where companies will look at hiring or developing more.”

Working on ways to stimulate growth for enterprise will have a profoundly positive effect on the number and types of jobs here in Whangarei. Areas like attracting new commercial and industry development, assisting business growth, encouraging tourism, expanding operations and sales into other markets, building consumer confidence and encouraging people to buy local are all factors that will help create a stronger economy.

Development costs imposed by Councils are prohibitively high in Whangarei, making it less attractive to businesses to set up operations here, and a huge risk for local developers to expand. “These costs need to be modified, so we can help out business development in Whangarei, which in turn means money available to spend on employing people.” Says Vince

Whangarei First is about creating better business confidence, modifying development costs and shopping local.  Together we can create a stronger environment for employment, but we can only do this by putting the needs of Whangarei First.   “I choose Whangarei First how about you?”

Vince Cocurullo

Whangarei Mayoral Candidate 2013

Phone: 09 4388834  or  021438952