Media Release - Affordable District - 16th September 2013

Affordable District

Downsizing businesses, Developments on Hold, Construction slowing, empty shops and the medium wage is $22,500 per year, what is next for Whangarei?

Within the District there are those who believe in Tourism as the key to growth, while others see industry as constant stable growth.  There are some who see the Hundertwasser being that key to Tourism, and there are others who see it is wrong to support a dead artist over living, local artists.

Tourism is reliant on people coming here: it can be seasonal and unpredictable. Industry is about creating products that can be sold anywhere in the world, along with training and employing local people to do it, says Mayoral Candidate Vince Cocurullo

One area that Vince believes our Council could help be an effective first step in supporting economic recovery is to lower the leases on council land for businesses. The original intention of these lease holdings was to make it more affordable for industry to set up. That seems to have been forgotten. Now it is seen more as a revenue stream than a way to help businesses get started.

It makes more sense to reduce the pressure on local industry and business until they regained a firmer foothold, take less from the businesses’ pockets so that they can invest in strengthening and developing their operations, employing staff, and leave the high profile projects like the Hundertwasser for private enterprise.


Vince Cocurullo

Whangarei Mayoral Candidate 2013

Phone 09 4388834