Vince Cocurullo Mayor for Whangarei 2013

Local businessman and community supporter Vince Cocurullo is standing for Mayor of Whangarei.  Why? Because he believes that positive change is needed.

“For too long the Whangarei Council has done the same things over and over and unsurprisingly, have got the same results; it is time to put the people of Whangarei First” says Vince.

“Northland has so much to offer the rest of NZ and yet, it seems until now we have not been prepared to change the way we do things within Whangarei.”

Development Contributions stopping growth in Whangarei; the ability for people to find answers to their questions, or know who to talk to; the Spend More to Fix it mentality within Council; the lack of action, or feeling of not being heard by Council; how hard it is to do business in Whangarei or even shop there.  These are just some of the issues that Vince has listened to over the past 6 years, and he feels can be changed easily.

“Whangarei is such a beautiful place: our beaches, our community spirit, and our ability to grow, it is all here.  What stops the district growing?  The stop seems to be at the top, with the politicians, policies and procedures. Truly governance issues,” says Vince.  “As Mayor I will be making sure that the people of Whangarei are heard both locally and Nationally, I will be working to bring more money into the district to help it grow, both with jobs and development.  I will be putting the needs of the people, the businesses, the communities and the future of Whangarei First.

 “Change is needed” Vince believes, “and our District Leaders need to lead the way, with policy and a clear vision for positive change.

“I put Whangarei First - how about you?”