Media Release - It's time to Choose - 8th October 2013

Whangarei it’s Time to Choose.

With only 30% of the public who have voted, it’s now time to make your voices heard, and make your vote count, by choosing a mayor who will put Whangarei First!

Whangarei is a district going forward. We are on the brink of change, at the turning of the tide which will bring development, expansion and economic growth to the District, and to the whole of Northland.

To catch that current and create the right momentum, Whangarei needs a clear plan for developing the district in a way that acknowledges the needs of all its residents, and that requires a leader who is active among a wide range of community and business groups, not just the ones that suit their own interests.

The District Council needs to assess what infrastructure is available, what is needed in the district to encourage growth, and the experience to know that we can afford it. That requires a leader who has experience both in council and in infrastructure.

Growth and development means employment, and Whangarei’s workforce needs to grow to meet future demand. This means finding ways to nurture and train our young people into skilled jobs, and provide opportunities for work experience.  Whangarei needs a leader who can achieve this without putting the onus on local businesses to create new jobs before they can sustain them.

We choose to live here because we believe in the lifestyle it provides for us.  We also need to believe in ourselves as a district with a strong future. Whangarei needs a leader with the courage and commitment do what is necessary so that this can be a stronger, more vibrant and prosperous district.

Choose Whangarei Firstby choosing Vince Cocurullo as your next Mayor and send the message to the rest of New Zealand that our district is a place with heart; it’s a place with potential, and a great place to live, work and play.


Vince Cocurullo

Whangarei Mayoral Candidate 2013

Phone: 09 4388834