Media Release - Campaign Car - 4th September 2013

Mayoral Candidate hit but still running.

Vince Cocurullo achieved disappointing results from the straw poll following the first Meet the Mayor event on 03 September. The event was just over 24 hours after Vince had been involved in a motor vehicle accident where he was rear-ended in his campaign vehicle directly outside his home on State Highway One. Although not injured in the crash, Vince was visibly off his game during the intense question and answer session, trailing well below several of the other candidates. Unlike his campaign vehicle, which has been written off, the event has not dented Vince’s confidence in becoming Whangarei’s mayor.

Vince has the attitude that you should not be put off by minor setbacks and believes Whangarei could do with a dose of the same thinking.

“Sometimes there are challenges to overcome, but you need totake the knocks and carry on with the business of achieving what it is you want to achieve. For me, that is to lead Whangarei out of debt and into a stronger, more sustainable position economically. Yes, Whangarei has experienced some setbacks, but any setbacks can be overcome.”

Vince’s aim is to energise the district with policies that help rather than hinder commercial enterprise and push the message of supporting local and keep the money circulating within Whangarei. This, he says, is something everyone in Whangarei can be a part of too.

Despite the loss of his vehicle, Vince is still getting out and about among the community, asking as many people as he can what they see as important for the future development of Whangarei.

Although Vince will be feeling a little tender for a while, Whangarei residents should not be quick to right him off just yet.

Vince Cocurullo

Whangarei Mayoral Candidate 2013

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