April 10 -Motorsports Coming to Whangarei


We have a high proportion of petrol-fuelled sports lovers in our District and they are all about to be mightily gratified. From April 15 - 30 the Festival of Motorsports will be revving Whangarei District up.

With 14 events to thrill youngies and oldies alike, it’s a great time to enjoy a Festival that’s simply become part of our territory. The International Rally of Whangarei will be looping round some of our more challenging roads, there’ll be electric cars to check out, remote control cars to marvel at, hot rods, all kinds of glorious metal on wheels.  This is a festival in the true spirit of festivals with lots of action and something for everyone including the opportunity to look at the prospects for transport and motorsports in the future.

I’ve always loved this set of events and can’t stop myself getting close to the action. This year I’ve sponsored part of Rev Up, and I’ll be out with the Rally marshalling around the Hella Pohe Island Super Special stage.

We have lots of serious things to consider when it comes to District business, but this one, organised by Venues and Events Whangarei, is at the fun end.  Come out and enjoy what’s on offer. https://www.facebook.com/WhangareiFestivalofMotorsport/