Poem for Mayoral Candidate Vince Cocurullo

I choose Whangarei


I am a man, who with my wife

Has chosen here to live my life

A special place here in Godzone

Where I was born and I was grown

And though I spent some time away

It called me home and here I stay


We may be small and not too wealthy

But our potential is quite healthy

We boast some lovely scenery

Rain forests full of greenery

Two oceans rich and bountiful

And climate quite subtropical


Its name of course is Whangarei

This place I love and work and play

A place of beauty, yes its true

It’s dear to me, and dear to you


Some say we’re Auckland’s poorer cousin

And the jobless are a dime a dozen

That we lack transport infrastructure

To bring business investment bucks here

Are we a toilet stop, nay nay

To such defeatist talk I say


Aside from lots of lovely beaches

And growers of organic peaches

We have a strong commercial base

Entrepreneurs flock to this place

To Aucklanders we might seem strange

But I can see our fortunes change


I truly believe with all my heart

With guidance and the right kickstart

There is a vibrant future here

But quicker, if you make me Mayor


Read by Vince Cocurullo

Whangarei Mayoral Candidate 2013

Written by Fiona Cole