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Cocurullo's provides a personal support service, and we talk in plain English

Need help with your computer or advice on a new one?

Let your staff get on with their jobs while we sort your computers

Tips and Tricks

Tip #1
‘Don’t Panic!’

Tip #2
Switch the computer off and walk away. Make a cuppa, then go back and turn it back on. If it still doesn’t work call Cocurullo’s and we’ll solve the problem for you.
Seriously, so many problems can be solved by simply turning the computer off. There are also so many tips and tricks that it’s hard to list them. Give us a call when you’ve got a problem and we’ll help you solve it and provide you with tips on how to avoid it happening in the future and what to do if it does!

Tip #3
Keep virus software up to date and practice secure web browsing habits – avoid ‘dodgy’ websites of questionable taste. We can give you advice on the best virus software and the latest updates – contact us for more information.